Published June 16, 2012 by Becca

While I’m still theoretically in the beginning of my weight loss journey, I’ve already started forming goals in my head. Some short term, some long term.

Last week Weight Watchers had us write some goals that we’d like to accomplish by Labor Day.

For that, I wrote I’d like to run in a 5k (there are these great little 5ks someone told me about in Prospect Park (Brooklyn) for only $5 and are held twice a month. I’m going to aim for the end of June/early July one depending on my work schedule.

Next was that I’d like to be able to run a 10k distance. (Or run/walk. Staying realistic.) Last night I did about 4 miles (including the walk to and from the running path with is about a half mile round trip). So I’m definitely getting on my way to reaching 6.2 miles in 2 and a half months!

I wrote down a weight goal too but I forget. It’s kinda secondary for me. As long as I continue with a consistent downward trend, that’s all that matters to me. I want to be able to enjoy some summer treats here and there without worrying about not hitting a certain number on the scale by a certain date. I’m willing to let this take as long as it takes so it stays off this time.

My starting goal was to lose 100 pounds (down to 83 now!). I was prepared to do that over 2 years. 50 pounds a year. Even though I didn’t start until May of this year, 50 pounds is still achievable, but if it’s only 40-45 I’m ok with that too. The weight has been coming off quickly so far, which I know isn’t sustainable. I have a lot to lose so my body can get rid of it pretty easily right now. But once I get closer to my goal weight, it’s going to super slow down, which is why I gave myself another year for the 2nd 50 pounds. Any maybe ill have a shot at not too much saggy skin???? (No bets.)

I haven’t picked an official number I want to weigh yet. I want to see what my body is comfortable with. I don’t want to have to kill myself to be some arbitrary number. I’m pretty sure I want something in the 140s. I weighed 145 in high school at one point and wore a 4/6 when I was very athletic. That seems like a good place to get back to. (I’m 5’7 for reference. I hate when people talk about their weight and don’t give their height. I need a reference point!)

My other longer term goals for fitness include running a half marathon and ultimately a marathon one day. I have my heart set on running a half marathon this fall, and I think it’s achievable. (Or run/walk- whatever gets me to the finish line.) I also want to do this relay race that starts near my home town in NJ and finishes at the Jersey shore. OMG want to do. But I don’t know any runners 😦 I’ll keep an eye out as the summer goes on for more ways to find people to do this. The relay race is like the week after the half marathon I want to do, so I’m not sure if I can do both either. Perhaps I could as long as I don’t race the half marathon. I just run it for distance and the experience.

I was hoping to do NYC in 2013, but the lottery is getting harder and harder, so I’ll just keep trying until I either win a lottery spot, or can qualify. If NYC doesn’t happen, I already have a few little marathons that look fun. There’s a Brooklyn one that looks kinda neat. (I <;3 Brooklyn) And a Jersey Shore one that I’m sure is beautiful (though it’s just an out and back along the shore, so perhaps a tad monotonous).

I’m sorry, did I not mention I was a runner? Ha. I’m gonna try not to get too down on myself for not running all these years. But God why did I stop???! I learned to love running in high school!! I was kinda middle of the pack as far as speed (but I didn’t know anything about speed training then) but man I had endurance. 6 miles was the farthest we would ever really run, but I was holding my own with the best of them. I definitely want to get back to some of my PRs from high school and possibly beat them now that I have more info on speed training. (Just wait until I tell you about my crazy cross country coach (say that 5 times fast!).)

My HS PRs were 5k- 27:17. Totally beatable. Sub 25 would be awesome.

1.5 miles: 11:22. I clocked a 7:45 mile in that timed set. So a mile by itself I could definitely shave off a few seconds.

5 miles- 45:26. That was a race in Boston I did (so much fun!) but while it was a flat course, it was also a hot, very humid July day. So I think in cooler Spring/Fall weather I could beat that by a few minutes.

And finally I want to build some arm/upper body strength!! I’ve always had shit arm strength and I want to fix that! I wanna be able to lift heavy boxes and open pickle jars on my own! Lol. No but seriously.

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