Daily Log

Published June 19, 2012 by Becca

I tracked my running and food yesterday on WW but I may also track here where I can write things out if I need to. Day 1 of tracking was a success! Score!

I had an AMAZING run yesterday. I started out with Week 3, Day 3 which is a 5 min warm up walk and then 2 sets of:
Run 3 min
Walk 2 min
Run 90 sec
Walk 2 min

That was a breeze so I decided to follow it up with a harder day. I didn’t want as long of walk breaks so I did Week 5, Day 2 which is just one round of:
Run 6 min
Walk 1 min
Run 4 min
Walk 1 min
Run 6 min

My run pace for the 1st half was calculated at 11:47/mile which is not too shabby! But then the 2nd half was apparently a 11:23/mile! I’m not sure how accurate this program is on my phone, but I imagine its close.

I took a new path yesterday. I usually run on the flat path by the water, but today I chose to run a little bit in the park right next to the water. Kept things interesting. And a little more challenging since its not all flat. I really hit that runners zone towards the end. I was so elated when that happened. I love, love, love zoning out like that when I run. It’s like why I run. I can’t wait to run again!! I think I’m gonna step it up and do 2 repeats of the 2nd half of yesterday’s run. I like having more segments with shorter walk breaks. It’s getting me closer to the longer runs!


I busted out my new hot pink tech shirt from Target. ❤ ❤ ❤


Monday’s food consisted of:

2 pasture raised scrambled eggs (higher in Omega 3’s) with a big pinch of cheddar cheese (About 1/8th a cup)


2 scrambled with a pinch of cheddar (6 points)


Staff meal was foot long hot dogs and macaroni salad and some salad with weird deep fried eggs (I saw it and I still don’t believe it…)  I ate the whole hot dog (and felt a little stuffed at the end) but ended up not eating the mac salad cause it was weird and gross. It tasted like cold macaroni and cheese.  Bizarre).


Monday’s staff meal- jumbo hot dogs and the weird macaroni salad I’ve ever tasted, which I did not eat. (10 points for the hot dog and bun!!)


Not pictured is 2 little short bread cookies we make that I ate because I found myself craving some sugar. (2 points)

And a small bag of reduced fat potato chips because I’m usually starving at the end of work (we eat staff meal at about 4:30, so by 11, I’m starving again.) (4 points)

I ended the day way under- only used 26 of my 38 points.  I would’ve liked something a little more substantial towards the end of the night, but it’s hard when I’m at work.  Today will be a better day with more fruits and veggies.  So excited for my scallop pasta!

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