Friday Daily Log

Published June 22, 2012 by Becca

So I ended up with the day off today. 😦 I can’t afford extra days off so this is very much a bad thing. So I sent out some resumes. Summer isn’t a big hire season so I may have to wait until August/September to see more openings and find something with more hours.

Anywho. Food was fine today. I started with a small glass of chocolate milk (4 points). Then I ate the same thing as yesterday for a late lunch. Only came to 10 points cause there was 1 less scallop. I did a better job with the sauce (taste wise) so that was nice. I ended up not really eating the tomatoes. They were just too sweet and weren’t great in the dish. Oh well. Live and learn.

In between the rain and storms I managed to fit in a run. It was 3.1 on the books today and I did great. I treated it as a long run, so on the slower side. I finished it in 42 minutes. Which wow. That’s slow. Considering I used to do 27:30s no problem. I got progressively slower too :-/. I started out 12:12/min mile and went all the way up to 14 min mile by the last mile. I didn’t feel super slow so it’s ok. And it’s only week 1! Jeeze!! But on the plus side I ran most of it! I only took short walk breaks at each mile mark for about .1 mile. Fantastic!! (6 activity points- I counted my running as only moderate intensity)

I had a recovery glass of chocolate milk! (4 points) I think I’m drinking it lately cause I’m kinda craving ice cream but I’m waiting until I can really enjoy it and get something I’m really wanting. Maybe a milk shake.

I still had a bunch of points left so I decided to have just a bowl of cracklin oat bran. Oh man that cereal has so many points. One serving is 8 points! Which is tiny! I had 100g (an overflowing cup?) and 5 oz. of milk (13 points!). I’m not buying that cereal again after I finish it. Even if I love it. Or just not often. Though that would taste amazing on fruit and yogurt. Um anyways.

I’ll finish with my daily running pic.


I love running at sunset!


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