Thursday Daily Log

Published June 22, 2012 by Becca

Today is a short log day.  I ended up not eating too much.  It’s been super hot in NYC the past 2 days and I guess I wasn’t as hungry.  I ate a peach and some cheese for “lunch” (3 points.)  Then some more cheese for a snack (I love cheese, and monterey jack specifically).  Then I made this amazing dinner I was supposed to have Tuesday.  It came to about 11 points.  I didn’t do such a great job with searing my scallops, but OMG they tasted amazing!!!  I really think scallops may be my favorite seafood ever.  EVER.  That is such a profound statement for me to make because I LOVE SEAFOOD.  Hell, if it weren’t for the cost, and mercury levels, I could eat some form of seafood every day.  Preferably scallops.  And maybe a lobster roll here and there.  And a crab cake.  And a lovely grilled branzino or dourade.  And always salmon.  Ummm, anyways.  On with what else I ate…


Fresh pasta with scallops, asparagus, cherry tomatoes in white wine and garlic, and parmesan cheese. (11 points)

Doesn’t that look lovely and colorful?  I ate half of it so excitedly before I remembered to take a picture.  I have 3 scallops left and I’m so excited to eat them again tomorrow.  (Not those 3 scallops.  I ate those, duh.)  I have all the ingredients left over, so I may just make the same thing again.

I continued with more cheese.  I don’t have snacks in the house but I was feeling so snackish!  I also had 20 freaking points left and was starting to feel it.  I had 12 points worth of cheese today.  I finished it too, so won’t be repeating that!

I finished the day with chocolate milk (2%). (7 points!)

I almost went out for ice cream, but I was feeling kinda sad and weepy about missing my ex, so I didn’t want to self soothe with food.  So  yay for me on that front.  I’ll save my ice cream for a fun reason.

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