Tweaking the Training Plan

Published June 22, 2012 by Becca

Ok, it’s only week 1 and I already tweaked it.  Haha. But that’s what you do with training plans, right?  They’re not designed for any 1 specific person.  But the only thing I tweaked was altering the mileage because they didn’t include a taper.  They had me building up to 12 miles the week before the half marathon.  I adjusted the weeks for more increase so that I had a 2 week taper.  I want fresh, rested legs so I can complete the whole thing!

I can’t speak highly enough of this particular plan just because of the hard work the creators went through making the adjustable Excel file.  They calculated all the percentage increases so I never increase my mileage too much.  How awesome!

I plan on continuing my run/walk for as long as I need to. I’m gonna drop the Couch to 5k program I think and just go with my own intervals. I’m going to go with 6 minute runs and 1 minute walks until I reach my distance to start with. And just keep increasing my run intervals until I guess I don’t need a walk break. Or I’ll cut it down to 30 seconds for water breaks or whatever. I have seen that brief walk breaks can speed post-run recovery. Which I am all for.

Tonight is “Long Run” #1. Just 3.1 miles. Which is roughly what I’ve been doing. I’m excited!!

(I’m considering a cold post-run treat as well. It’s been so damn hot I could go for a nice vanilla soft-serve cone with rainbow sprinkles. Mmmmm)

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