Monday Log

Published June 25, 2012 by Becca

Today was not a great eating day. :-/ And I don’t mean in the overeating way.

I started the day with some “yoga.” It was lots of back stretching and a couple yoga poses. OMG you guys- it really did help my back! I found it on OnDemand. It was perfect. I’ll keep using that to help stretch my back. And it was only like 20 minutes. I gave myself an activity point for it, just cause it was something I needed to do. Though- downward dog is no joke. That’s a really hard pose!  My whole body is so tight- I kinda want to get into yoga now and work on my flexibility (though it’ll be easier once my big belly doesn’t get so in the way!).

I was going to take a walk, but the weather was insane today. A huge storm woke me up at 8:30 for a bit, and when I got up later it was sunny. When I went to walk at 2, it was raining again. So I ate a plum and did laundry. The rain kept coming back, so the walk never happened. Eh. It happens. I don’t really love walking anyways. Lol. Maybe.

I got hungry since I only had a plum and made myself 3 eggs with cheese and salsa. The salsa was a fail. I didn’t eat everything. (6 points)


Salsa fail

Today was an aimless day. I had all good intentions to go to the grocery store to get some produce for the next few days. But I was feeling really cranky, low, and lonely and just wanted cake so I avoided the store and eating until I could figure out something. I didn’t really have anything in the house so I just made some pasta and red sauce. Which wasn’t so filling since I was trying to be care of portion control. (5 points)


Puney pasta


I finished the night with a bowl of raisin bran.  (9 points)


Here’s to making tomorrow a better day.  I have a workout with a friend planned and a run on the books- 3 miles.

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