Thursday Log

Published June 28, 2012 by Becca

Holy long day batman!

I was up at 7:30 this morning (after going to bed at like 2:30 last night) because I had to be in Manhattan at 9 for a job interview. I’m not earning enough at my current job, so I’m just seeing what’s out there right now. In the culinary world, a job interview is called a “trail” and it involves you cooking for a few hours so they can see how you work and you can see if you like the kitchen. I really liked the pastry chef but I’m not a fan of the menu or the kitchen. I think I’ll pass, even though it’ll be more money.

But anyways, I did that from 9-2. I had 2 pieces of toast with light butter and jam (5 points) with some chocolate milk (4 points). I guess I could save a point if I switched to 1% but I like 2% and dairy fat is actually good for you. (I swear I’ll get those sources!)

The job interview and my current job were only 1 subway stop apart, and if I didn’t have so much to do at work, I would have walked. I was STARVING and needed food in me. I was dumb and forgot my Fiber One bar at home, so I hit up Citarella (little high end grocery store) and found some sushi. It called out to me. I got the spicy California roll which was perfect. I scraped off a lot of the mayo (not that there was a lot to begin with), because I didn’t need much for it to be spicy and creamy. I’d say they’re a smaller roll than Whole Foods. I’m usually full eating the WF 9pc roll. This one was perfectly filling. I also picked up a stone fruit assortment (1 white peach, 1 black plum, and 1 pluot).

That helped me skip family/staff dinner which was a mishmash fried rice. Thing. I dunno. It looked like eggs with rice instead of the other way around.

Today was SUPER stressful at work for me. We have a wedding tomorrow to prep for and I got like ZERO notice on all the stuff I needed to make. Thanks guys. So doing that, and getting stuff ready for regular dinner service was painful.

I did a better job of not stress eating today though! “I have so much to do” stress doesn’t get to me as much as “my coworker is a louse” stress. I barely had time to eat after the sushi honestly.

I did take a minute around 8 to heat up those left overs from Tuesday. I popped it in the oven and blech it didn’t reheat well. The chicken cooked too much and the pasta dried out. I ended up only eating a few bites of chicken and the rest of the broccoli. Which at least was still tasty. (3-4 Points?)

I kept my bread down to 1 piece (2?)! And only 1 French fry! Success.

I had the black plum as I was leaving work (at 1am!!). Omg delicious!!! Perfect sweetness and juiciness. I may get more. I was still hungry so I found a Fiber One bar at the mini-mart. Not as good as my flavor, but still tasty.

I have work again in the morning and still so much to do. I hope I can find the energy to go full steam ahead like I did today. And I need to bust out a 30 min run (3 miles, but I’m gonna go for time right now). And go to my WW meeting! I don’t wanna miss a week! Friday night isn’t my favorite leader, but she’s ok.

I doubt I’ll eat dinner tomorrow, but if I need something, I have everything for a BLT (if my tomato is still good…). Mmm BLT. Omg.

Ok. I rambled enough.

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