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Tacos, Margaritas, and Midnight Runs

Published July 3, 2012 by Becca

I had lunch with my ex yesterday at a Cali-style taco joint we had been wanting to try since before we broke up. The taco joint delivered. I had an amazing mango margarita (for nerves), a classic fried cod taco, and a delicious veggie taco. I almost like the veggie one more, but that’s slightly because the sauce on the fish taco was a touch to spicy for me. I’m already wanting to go back. I totally missed the Baja Street Corn! Grilled corn with chili, cotija, and lime- mmmmmmmmmm.

The lunch went… Ok. It was awkward. We haven’t seen each other since March (though we’ve usually been texting), and things have been tense and heated. We kept it fairly light just talking about work and things like that. It got bumpy at the end when we were talking about if we want to do this again. I told him I’m still very much in love with him and I want to try again if he does. It’s a tough decision. We both hurt each other a lot. And I don’t know if we can work, but I’m willing to try again for a bit. He’s still trying to decide. We shall see.

Having a nice lunch set me up to not snack as much at work. I had a couple pieces of weird fried chicken, a couple dinner rolls, some iced tea. Not too bad really.

I got home before midnight last night so I figured that was a sign I should go running. I went on the path by the water which even at midnight was still well populated. There were people running, biking, walking, sitting on the benches. I love NYC.

I pushed myself much harder last night. I’ve been watching these guys on the Biggest Loser basically killing themselves and I thought it was dumb I wasn’t working harder. And it’s funny, as much as I kicked it up a notch, I’m still not sure I killed myself. Which is ok I guess. Nice to know my fitness is improving and I still have more in me.

I ended up doing intervals- I went to the 1st day of the 2nd week of C25k and ran fast the run segments (about 10:15/min mile) and jogged the walk segments (about 13:30 min mile). And I did it twice. For a total of 3.75 miles that includes the warm up and cool down walk (I need to figure out the distance from my apartment to the running path. Its probably about .2 miles one way).

I’m planning on killing it on the treadmill runs this week since running on a treadmill is easier.

And ending my post with some pics from last night:




Quick Update

Published July 2, 2012 by Becca

This week was busy and exhausting!  Friday I worked hard at work again for the wedding going on.  (Future note- cooking for 100 wedding guests is not the same as cooking for 100 model wedding guests.  The bride was Isabella Rosselini’s daughter, who is a model, so all her friends are models and actresses.  There was sooooo much food left over after.)  I didn’t eat a whole lot during the day.  Just a fiber 1 bar and an iced tea.  And since I basically had all my points to use for dinner, I splurged on 2 BLT sandwiches and a magnum mini.  Though after the 2nd sandwich, I realized I would have probably been satisfied with just making a slightly larger sandwich and it would have been less points over all.  Lesson learned!

OMG BLT!!!!!!!  It was sooooo amazing.  I’m a fan.

Saturday morning I worked and then went to part 2 of the job interview.  It went well and I was offered the job, but decided not to take it and try and work things out where I am.  And keep looking for a 2nd job instead (mine doesn’t pay enough, and that’s not likely to change).

My tracking for Saturday was spotty- I don’t remember much at this point.  There were some raviolis.  A fiber 1 bar.  A candy bar.  Ummm eggs at work.  I broke my tracking streak! Boo.

But I kept track on Sunday, yesterday, so that’s good.  I decided to bring my little paper tracker from the meetings so if I don’t have time to plug it into my phone, at least I can remember what I ate at the end of the day.

Notice there is NO running in any of that.  I haven’t run since last Tuesday!!  Fuck!!  Well better, the 2nd week of training, rather further down the line.  I was just so busy and so exhausted and scared of the heat, and making bad social choices (seeing people instead of making time to run), that it hasn’t happened.  I’m hoping to have the energy to run after work tonight.  It’ll be my 1st time doing that so late at night, so it does make me slightly nervous, even though I live in a safe neighborhood.  I’m going to my parents for the 4th for 2 days, and they have a treadmill, so I plan on taking advantage of being able to run in the AC for 2 days.  And treadmill running is easier, so I can definitely do 2 days in a row.

Ok, that’s that for my quick update.  More to come when I have a second! (Possibly the train ride home tonight?)