Getting down to it

Published September 14, 2012 by Becca

I basically haven’t lost any weight since July.  That’s $80 of WW’s fees down the drain.  :-/  BUT I also haven’t gained any of it back.  Because even though I haven’t been diligent about tracking and losing weight, I haven’t given up on trying to live a healthier life.  Which makes me think that this time is different.  That no matter how long this process takes me, it’s gonna stick.  The same way running has stayed a part of my life- however inconsistently in the first 6 months.

This past Sunday I ran a 10 mile race at the last minute up in the Bronx.  I’m really glad I did!  Both as a dress rehearsal for how to handle the half-marathon as far as what to wear, eat, drink, all that stuff, and also to check in that I still have some work to do in the next few weeks to keep building my strength and stamina.  The 10 miles were good, but I really don’t think I had another 3 in me.  So I have to really be diligent about my mid-week runs.  Which have actually been boring me a touch, so I’m making sure to make them interesting by doing some speed work, which will also hopefully help with speed.  I’d love to do the half-marathon in maybe a 13- min/mile?  I started out that pace for the 10 miler but I peetered out around mile 7. I think needed more calories. But also my legs were tired.  So far this week I did a repeat session.  I did 3 mins high intensity with a 2 min walk in between.  I only did about 3.5 so next week I’m aiming for 5.  And today I’m aiming for 4 miles Fartlek style.  I’m doing another long run Sunday and I’d like to do 10 miles again.  And the next 2 Sundays will be 6-7 miles to taper.

I’m back to going to my WW meetings.  Heading to one a little later (missed my favorite leader this morning though cause I slept too late 😦  But I also worked 10 days in a row, so yeah…).  I’m going to resume my tracking today.  I hate it, and it’s labor intensive (especially when I eat staff meal at work and I have no real idea what’s in it so I’m totally guessing), but counting points or calories is really the only way to lose weight. Everyone keeps saying it, and it’s true.  Because I stopped losing when I stopped counting.  Even though I remained mindful.

And I’m also getting some food because I have like NONE in the house and I ate a Fiber One brownie just to stop the rumbling in my stomach, but I’m definitely hitting up the grocery store for lunch and dinner and some staples.


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