About Me

I suck at these.  To wit- I’ve had this box open for 2 hours avoiding it.  How much am I supposed to tell you?

The basics: I use weird words and phrases sometimes (see “to wit” above).  Usually correctly.  (I always Google before using though.)

I use parenthesis maybe more than I should.

I’m 26.  An Aries. NJ native.  Transplanted to sunny Brooklyn.  I have a fluffy cat.  Her name is Abby.  I’m a sad single girl.  Trying to be a happy single girl.  Or not single.  Whichever…

I am, indeed, a pastry chef.  (Cook, co-chef, whatever.  I’m really not sure of my title.)  I make sweet things in a restaurant for a living.  It is the dream you may think it is.  Except I’m on my feet all day, sweating bullets, and often hungry.  Also, chef’s pants are really ugly!

I started my weight loss journey on May 1st, 2012.  My official Weight Watchers’ (WW) weight was 248.6.  I’ll be documenting my weight loss and and fitness journey here!

Hopefully.  If I make it past 2 months of blogging, I’ll hopefully be in it for the long haul.


Tell me something!

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