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Published October 27, 2012 by Becca

I got fired from my job this week. Via text. Case in point of why I hated my job so much. I have no idea what I’m going to do next; I was still figuring that out. I’m so thrilled to not have to go back there to work though. Really. So thrilled. But I don’t want to cook any more. So that’s where figuring out what to do next comes in. I’ll update as I figure it out. Get a job to pay the bills is at the top of my list- I’m looking into seasonal retail jobs. That way I’m not caught in anything and it’s something that I have experience with and somewhat enjoy. And hopefully it allows for some flexible time to figure things out/interview as needed. I’m aiming for something slightly more corporate/office related with 9-5 type hours. Maybe related to food still. Or fitness. Though I don’t know how much the fitness world likes hiring fat people.

But I’m 3.2 pounds less at least! According to Weight Watcher’s scale. Which is usually about a pound more than my home scale with clothes and such. But it’s the downward trend that’s important. (But it’s nice to see myself back in the 2-teens.) 28.8 pounds total. This is awesome! I didn’t want to put a lot of pressure on myself to lose a lot of weight during the 8 week challenge, but I’m doing great! Down 7.2 so far. (I was hoping for 8 in the back of my head). And I ate everything I wanted last week too. Cheeseburger, onion rings, milk shake, chicken parm sub, fried calamari (not all in the same day, mind you). And I didn’t really exercise- just on Thursday.

That was in part because up until I got fired, I was super blue. And I didn’t want to work out. Also my back was killing me from work, and it still is, but now I have time to go to the dr. and get it fixed. I went to my 2nd running class Thursday night after missing the previous week because of work. I definitely need to return back to running a few times a week if I want to actually see some benefits. But my back/butt hurt a lot when I was done. A woman I met there told me about this great chiropractor that does more than just alignments that I’m going to check out. They do something called active muscle release or something like that and it helps better work out the tension in the muscle. Which is definitely what I need. And apparently all the major runners go there when they’re in the city and the head doctor worked at the olympics. Those are some credentials!

God I’m never going to have any blog readers with boring entries like these! But I guess it’s more for me. Though conversation would be nice.


Life Update

Published October 16, 2012 by Becca

Oy. So much going on. I’m not sure if I can even cover it all in 1 post. I’ve been very blue this past week or so. My best friend and I had a fight and aren’t speaking anymore since Labor Day. Don’t know if that will ever get patched up. So that’s brings me down to 0 close friends. And I’ve given up on my ex and getting together, so now I really have absolutely no one to talk to. Starting to get kinda lonely. But also getting used to it. No bueno. I joined that running class, so in 10 weeks, it’d be nice if a friend emerged from that. We shall see. I’m keeping an eye out for socializing opportunities, but friendships don’t happen over night, and I’m gun shy, so it’s gonna be even harder for me. Maybe some people just aren’t meant to have friends? But then again I suppose if I were less gun shy, I’d have more friends? It’s too hard. I dunno. I need a new Marissa. But there are only so many Marissas in the world (metaphorically speaking).

And then of course there’s dating.

One day. If I ever have time. Stupid night time job.

Stupid job. I don’t feel like hashing out the awful back story again, but needless to say, I’m starting to wonder if I can find myself a nice 9-5 desk job. Or something. Preferably 9-5. And hopefully it pays more than I currently make (which is very little, so it’s a very low bar to be fair). Maybe. We shall see.

Part of me is very inspired right now with this whole losing weight and getting healthy and I’m wishing I could do something with that now. I’ve been thinking an apparel store for plus-sized women (people?). It’d be great, as a plus-sized person, to be able to find all the bigger sizes in one spot. It’s frustrating never being able to just grab something because one brand’s XL may be just fine for me and another may not even be close. So in my shop, I wouldn’t even carry a certain brand if I found most plus sized girls couldn’t fit into it. And how great would it be for there to be a judgement free place where bigger girls can feel good about being active and fit and healthy?

And not that I’m a designer, but if I could find someone, it’d be great to have a specific athletic line just for plus sized women. Something that really considers making room for junk in the trunk! Lol. And for me, I haven’t found a long sleeved tech shirt I like cause I have chunky arms. I even found a XXL tech shirt at Target and I just couldn’t handle having the arms so damn tight on me. You would never see a built in bra in my tanks either. I’m only a C cup, so I can actually get away with them sometimes (though I haven’t run in one yet), but I think most girls would prefer to choose their support (I know I do), without worrying about the bulk with a shelf bra.

Oh and price point would be well below Lulumon. Personally, I’d like to see it around Target prices (if that’s even possible based on the material). I’m not a fan of paying more than $20-30 for a top, $40 for a sweatshirt, and $30-40 for bottoms.

In other news, I’m down just about 25 pounds now. Isn’t that awesome?! 25 pounds is no small number. And it’s been a slow crawl. I updated the Weigh-in Page. I kinda lost steam over the summer, though I didn’t gain the weight back. I made decent enough choices to be able to maintain basically. Which felt like a success in it’s own right. Losing 100 pounds is hard work, and it’s going to take a decent amount of time, so I like knowing that if I want to take a time out for whatever reason, I can do so without back sliding. That’s so important to me- as much as losing the weight. Not gaining it back. Ever. Well, except pregnancy. And I’d like to have the right tools and mindset to take off baby weight too.

This week has been a little rough. Being blue has kinda zapped my appetite so I haven’t been eating a whole lot the past few days, and then when I am hungry, I’m too lazy to eat properly, so I just eat something weird. Like a whole package of imitation crab with cocktail sauce. Or a bag of popcorn. For dinner. Fruit? Veggies? Not much. Protein? Not much. *Sigh*

Last week I ate randomly as well, but more, and stayed completely within points, and gained 2.2 pounds. THAT was frustrating. I’m hoping it was due to running the half marathon and storing water, or even gaining some muscle. According to my scale, I’m already back down to where I was the week before, and still 4 more days until the weigh in, so hopefully I can lose another pound. Especially since I’m eating so lightly.

I’m working on participating in the WW 8 week challenge. I really don’t want to set a weight goal, because as you can see, even with tracking and staying with in my points, I still gained 2.2 pounds! That’s nuts. So I don’t want to be disappointed by not meeting a time goal. My concrete goal is to track every day for the 8 weeks. I’m 2 1/2 weeks in and haven’t missed a day! Love it. Feel very happy with keeping up with that habit. It will be what gets me to my goal weight in the end (even if some weeks don’t always show success.)

Ok, well I’m up too late and need to get to bed cause I have therapy and work tomorrow.

More updates when something new happens! Haha.