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Published October 27, 2012 by Becca

I got fired from my job this week. Via text. Case in point of why I hated my job so much. I have no idea what I’m going to do next; I was still figuring that out. I’m so thrilled to not have to go back there to work though. Really. So thrilled. But I don’t want to cook any more. So that’s where figuring out what to do next comes in. I’ll update as I figure it out. Get a job to pay the bills is at the top of my list- I’m looking into seasonal retail jobs. That way I’m not caught in anything and it’s something that I have experience with and somewhat enjoy. And hopefully it allows for some flexible time to figure things out/interview as needed. I’m aiming for something slightly more corporate/office related with 9-5 type hours. Maybe related to food still. Or fitness. Though I don’t know how much the fitness world likes hiring fat people.

But I’m 3.2 pounds less at least! According to Weight Watcher’s scale. Which is usually about a pound more than my home scale with clothes and such. But it’s the downward trend that’s important. (But it’s nice to see myself back in the 2-teens.) 28.8 pounds total. This is awesome! I didn’t want to put a lot of pressure on myself to lose a lot of weight during the 8 week challenge, but I’m doing great! Down 7.2 so far. (I was hoping for 8 in the back of my head). And I ate everything I wanted last week too. Cheeseburger, onion rings, milk shake, chicken parm sub, fried calamari (not all in the same day, mind you). And I didn’t really exercise- just on Thursday.

That was in part because up until I got fired, I was super blue. And I didn’t want to work out. Also my back was killing me from work, and it still is, but now I have time to go to the dr. and get it fixed. I went to my 2nd running class Thursday night after missing the previous week because of work. I definitely need to return back to running a few times a week if I want to actually see some benefits. But my back/butt hurt a lot when I was done. A woman I met there told me about this great chiropractor that does more than just alignments that I’m going to check out. They do something called active muscle release or something like that and it helps better work out the tension in the muscle. Which is definitely what I need. And apparently all the major runners go there when they’re in the city and the head doctor worked at the olympics. Those are some credentials!

God I’m never going to have any blog readers with boring entries like these! But I guess it’s more for me. Though conversation would be nice.


I did it!!!

Published October 13, 2012 by Becca

I’m a lazy blogger.  Almost a week since my half marathon.  Geez.

Well I did it.  I finished my half marathon last week.  Chip time of 3:11.  Garmin time of 3:06 (didn’t include stretch and potty breaks).

I ran most of it.  Walked through the water stations.  And I walked a lot between mile 11-12.  But ran it all the way in.  My mom and step-dad were there at the finish line to cheer me on.

It’s bitter sweet now that it’s over.  I was hoping to come in just under 3 hours.  I was on pace for that up until mile 10, but the last 5k was just difficult.  I was in pain.  My feet killed.  My hips were tight.  My back was tight.  I know I’m 99% likely to improve my time for my next half marathon, so that’s always a plus.  I didn’t give training 100% effort, so it’s a minor miracle I was able to run across the finish line.  I basically did that race on only long runs.

I took a gamble bringing untested gels on the course with me.  I figured I’d be able to just choke them down with lots of water if I really hated them.  But they were mostly a win!  Hooray!  The texture is still borderline nasty.  Ever since my first taste of them, I’ve been struggling to compare them to something, but I can’t.  I’ve never had anything like these in terms of texture.  My first taste was Gu Tri-Berry and I gagged and threw half of it out because I just couldn’t get it down.  So after talking with my therapist a bit about different brands, and just squeezing some packs at Jack Rabbit (NYC running store), I opted to try some PowerBar gels in Orange and Strawberry Banana because when I squeezed the packets, it felt much looser than Gu, so I hoped it would go down more easily.  Both had caffeine, with orange having 2x as much.  Caffeine has been shown to improve performance, so I was keen to try that.  The guy at the store recommended the strawberry banana flavor (good choice!).  I also grabbed some Clif shots in Vanilla and Chocolate because my therapist said they had a bit of a thicker texture.  And finally Gu peanut butter.  Seeing if Gu could redeem itself.

I only needed 3 gels for the race and I opted for both of the PowerBars and the Vanilla Clif Shot.  I started with the PowerBars mostly because I was hesitant about Vanilla flavored gel.  The flavors were good for the PowerAde.  Orange is always easy, and the strawberry banana was actually pretty nice. They were thinner in consistency which was great, but still kinda stuck around in the mouth a bit.  I always need to take these with water I think.  I don’t know if the caffeine made a difference.  Maybe when I get faster I’ll notice.

Now on the other end of the spectrum, the Clif Shot Vanilla was GREAT.  I loved it.  As much as you can love a gel.  It tasted like Vanilla frosting.  Super smooth frosting which is weird, lol.  I still like water to wash these down, but loving the flavor helped me forget about the texture.  I’m hoping the chocolate one tastes like Chocolate frosting.  It might be awhile before I try more gels since I’m not planning to do any more long distances until the spring.

My plan now is to just focus on having fun, and hopefully getting fast.  I’m hoping by the spring I can get my 10k time to about 12:30 min/mile. That’s about 6 months time.  And I hope to be about 30-40 pounds thinner by then as well which will help.  I’m also in a running class that the NYRR club is offering.  It was $105 for 10 classes which is a STEAL in NYC.  The downside is that it’s held on the Upper East Side.  Almost a 90 minute commute from Brooklyn for me.  I’m gonna need to find something else to do in the area to make the trip worth while.  And I can only go to the Met so many times.

The first classes started with running for 10 minutes at about a 12:00 pace, walking for a minute and a half, and running another 10 minutes at the same.  I did pretty good.  I was able to keep up for the most part, though towards the 2nd half, I slowed down to about a 13 min/mile for a bit.  It was comfortably challenging.  So I believe they said the goal is to run a 5k at a 11:00 pace which would be awesome.  So yeah, as you can see, traveling for over an hour for a 20 minute run is not optimal.  But getting to run in Central Park is awesome!!  I’d like to continue runs sometimes, but I’m afraid of getting lost.  I get lost almost every single time I’m in the park.  Not that it’s a huge deal, but it’s annoying.  Especially since it’s dark by 6:30 now.

So I’m up waaaaaayyyyy too late.  I have work in the morning, and I’m doing Yoga before it.  I’m looking at about 4ish hours of sleep.  *Sigh*  Because I took a 4hr nap today.  And it looks like I’ll be napping tomorrow.  Such a cycle.  Gotta break it!

I’ll finish with some pics from my 2 runs this week.

Night time skyline. Gorgeous.

Ran along the Hudson near work this week. Gonna try and run in Manhattan more- I like it!

Great path by the Hudson!





Tacos, Margaritas, and Midnight Runs

Published July 3, 2012 by Becca

I had lunch with my ex yesterday at a Cali-style taco joint we had been wanting to try since before we broke up. The taco joint delivered. I had an amazing mango margarita (for nerves), a classic fried cod taco, and a delicious veggie taco. I almost like the veggie one more, but that’s slightly because the sauce on the fish taco was a touch to spicy for me. I’m already wanting to go back. I totally missed the Baja Street Corn! Grilled corn with chili, cotija, and lime- mmmmmmmmmm.

The lunch went… Ok. It was awkward. We haven’t seen each other since March (though we’ve usually been texting), and things have been tense and heated. We kept it fairly light just talking about work and things like that. It got bumpy at the end when we were talking about if we want to do this again. I told him I’m still very much in love with him and I want to try again if he does. It’s a tough decision. We both hurt each other a lot. And I don’t know if we can work, but I’m willing to try again for a bit. He’s still trying to decide. We shall see.

Having a nice lunch set me up to not snack as much at work. I had a couple pieces of weird fried chicken, a couple dinner rolls, some iced tea. Not too bad really.

I got home before midnight last night so I figured that was a sign I should go running. I went on the path by the water which even at midnight was still well populated. There were people running, biking, walking, sitting on the benches. I love NYC.

I pushed myself much harder last night. I’ve been watching these guys on the Biggest Loser basically killing themselves and I thought it was dumb I wasn’t working harder. And it’s funny, as much as I kicked it up a notch, I’m still not sure I killed myself. Which is ok I guess. Nice to know my fitness is improving and I still have more in me.

I ended up doing intervals- I went to the 1st day of the 2nd week of C25k and ran fast the run segments (about 10:15/min mile) and jogged the walk segments (about 13:30 min mile). And I did it twice. For a total of 3.75 miles that includes the warm up and cool down walk (I need to figure out the distance from my apartment to the running path. Its probably about .2 miles one way).

I’m planning on killing it on the treadmill runs this week since running on a treadmill is easier.

And ending my post with some pics from last night:



Tuesday Log

Published June 26, 2012 by Becca

Sometimes my days off go too quickly. This week, they did. And now I have 5 days in a row of work hell. Blah.

Today was a little better eating wise. I started off with some raisin bran for breakfast (8 points) and then went for a run. I had 3 on the books, but only ran 2 miles and walked another half home.  It was totally mental. (8 activity points)  I did choose a hilly path for the last mile which psyched me out.  On the other hand, it would be nice to have some sort of differential between long runs and regular runs, so I may just keep my “weekday” runs to 30 mins or so for the next week or 2, just until I start doing hour+ long runs.

I ate the other half of my cantaloupe for a post run snack.  Mmmm.  I’m not sure why I didn’t buy more today at the store.  Kinda kicking myself right now.

But I did get some ingredients for a yummy dinner.  I stocked up on pasta cause it turned out I was basically out- they were only $1 a box!  Love that.  So tonight I made some bowtie pasta with broccoli, onion, garlic, tomato, and chicken in a yummy cream sauce.  (Restaurant secret- use the pasta water to bulk up your sauces.  The starch in the water helps from watering it down too much).  I used some light cream and 2%milk, added some parmesan cheese and an Italian cheese blend.  OMG it was sooooo delicious!!  I made a bunch so I could eat more tomorrow, so I kinda guessed on the portion sizes of the sauce.  It came to 21 points with my guessing, but I don’t think I had that much sauce.  But I went overboard with the pasta.  I over compensated cause last time it was so little.  I was also really hungry.  I’ll go easier on the pasta tomorrow.


OMG amazing chicken, broccoli, pasta. (21 points?)

I was really, really craving something sweet today. I wanted brownies but was resisting getting a box. I was looking for the Fiber One brownies to try, but couldn’t find them. I did find some of their chewy granola bars and ended up getting Chocolate Caramel Pretzel. Oh my stars it was delicious!!! And for only 2 points! I’m going to have to find some coupons and sales and stock up on these. I just have to be really good with only having 1. Even when stuff is individually packaged, I have a hard time stopping at 1. I’m gonna try the trick of putting it somewhere inconvenient.


Super delicious Fiber 1 bar (2 points)

I’m also really excited because Magnum, my most favorite ice cream bar EVER, just started making minis, and I did see those at the store so I picked up a box.  They’re only 4 points each so that’ll be a really nice dessert to have around.  I may have one tonight since I still have 7 points left today.  Mmmm

I will leave you with this nice picture of me and my kitty cat (since I didn’t take a running pic).


Me and my fluffy bunny, Abby

Weekend Log

Published June 24, 2012 by Becca

I’m a little light on pictures for this weekend. I don’t always remember to take pictures, especially at work.

But I was successful with my tracking this week! 7 days! And I’ll keep going. It really makes me stop and think about HOW MUCH I’m eating. I’m measuring food and it’s really helping me from eating until being stuffed.

Saturday I treated myself to an Everything Bagel with some cream cheese before work. I had the girl go easy on the cream cheese so it was only about 2 TBS and I only ate the top half. Though it was more like the top 2/3 they way they cut it. (9 points)

I ended up eating “breakfast” which I treated as lunch at work. One of the chefs made a quiche for us and I gave myself a small piece at first, but it was so amazing I had the other half of that piece. OMG. So good. (A total guess of 11 points)

I also splurged on some Sprite. I was hot and sleepy and watching everyone else drinking soda and I caved. And it was delicious. Oh well. (8 points)

And to finish the day, which I planned for by deciding to use some of my weekly stash- I had a cookies and cream milkshake. And it was exactly what I had been wanting for a few days now. (Well, they put a tad too much milk in it for me- I like it thicker…) It was perfect. And worth it. All 25 points of it.


Mmmmmmm (25 mother fucking points!!!!)

I had a dinner planned, but I ended up going to bed early to work a double today.

I woke up early to run and it was so beautiful.  A little warm in the sun, but otherwise perfect.  I had a peach before my run to help fuel.  My run consisted of 2 cycles of 6min Run/1min Walk/4min Run/1min Walk/6min Run with a warm up and cool down for 3(+) miles. (6 activity points) I had some thirst quenching chocolate milk post-run. (5 points)

Today’s work breakfast was eggs, home fried potatoes, and bacon.  I had a scoop of eggs I estimated to be about 2 eggs.  3 pieces of potato and 1 strip of bacon.


Eggs, potatoes, bacon (7 points)

I kept eating though. I had skipped it yesterday, but the cheddar chive scone my coworker had made was calling to me. And it was incredibly good. I was going to call it my lunch, but I was hungry again at 3 and I had like 2/3 of a burnt grilled cheese sandwich we have. The best grilled cheese ever. With ham and tomatoes and on super crusty yummy bread. LOVE this sandwich. (6 points)


Mmmm cheddar chive scone!! (7 points)

I brought in half my cantaloupe because I was prepared for needing to snacks since I was working a double- and I even brought a chicken breast in case dinner sucked! I ate a bunch of melon after the toastie, and right before dinner was served- which did not suck.


1/2 cantaloupe (0!!)

Dinner was a mishmosh of BLTs and French toast. I’ve never had a BLT before because I didn’t really like raw tomato on sandwiches, so I just took half and then half a piece of french toast and some salad. Well oh my stars BLTS are amazing!!!! And the tomato really makes it!!! I’m an official BLT convert. I lost out on the other half of the sandwich 😦 And I was full anyways. I may need to have another BLT one day soon. I’ll see how I can make it WW friendly (preferably without it being turkey bacon). (12 points)

I’ll finish off with a pic from today’s run- I ran the 1st half through the park to help avoid the sun (I ran back along the water and I was dying in the sun, and it was only 8am!)


Tweaking the Training Plan

Published June 22, 2012 by Becca

Ok, it’s only week 1 and I already tweaked it.  Haha. But that’s what you do with training plans, right?  They’re not designed for any 1 specific person.  But the only thing I tweaked was altering the mileage because they didn’t include a taper.  They had me building up to 12 miles the week before the half marathon.  I adjusted the weeks for more increase so that I had a 2 week taper.  I want fresh, rested legs so I can complete the whole thing!

I can’t speak highly enough of this particular plan just because of the hard work the creators went through making the adjustable Excel file.  They calculated all the percentage increases so I never increase my mileage too much.  How awesome!

I plan on continuing my run/walk for as long as I need to. I’m gonna drop the Couch to 5k program I think and just go with my own intervals. I’m going to go with 6 minute runs and 1 minute walks until I reach my distance to start with. And just keep increasing my run intervals until I guess I don’t need a walk break. Or I’ll cut it down to 30 seconds for water breaks or whatever. I have seen that brief walk breaks can speed post-run recovery. Which I am all for.

Tonight is “Long Run” #1. Just 3.1 miles. Which is roughly what I’ve been doing. I’m excited!!

(I’m considering a cold post-run treat as well. It’s been so damn hot I could go for a nice vanilla soft-serve cone with rainbow sprinkles. Mmmmm)