Weight Loss (Vanity) Goals:
*Loose 100+ pounds to weigh in the 140s (exact goal weight TBD when I’m in maintence and I see where my body is happiest)
*Wear a bikini again!
*Wear a mini skirt again! (With no thigh chafe!)
*Fit my calves into tall boots (rainboots included!)
*Throw out all my fat clothes!!!
*Be able to shop in normal stores again (and know that most stuff on the rack will fit me) (Oh how I’ve missed Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe even if I am starting to get too old now…)
*Wear a size medium in clothes/size 4-6 in pants?? That’d be nice!

Fitness Goals:
*Run a 5k Race
*Run a 10k Race
*Run 10 miles Completed 9/9/12 in the Bronx!
*Run a 1/2 marathon (Signed up!! Oct 7th!) CHECK!!
*Run a marathon (most likely NYC)
*Run a relay race
*Run at least 1 destination race (maybe Cali? Or somewhere abroad?)
*Do 20 push ups in a row
*Run a mile in 7:45


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