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Wednesday Log and Weigh In

Published June 28, 2012 by Becca

Yesterday was an ok eating day.

I started the day with a “big” breakfast. 2 eggs scrambled with 2 TBS of cheddar. A slice of toast with some light butter and jam. And an 8oz glass of chocolate milk (11 points). It was adequately satisfying. But, in my opinion, not a lot of food for 11 points.


I brought food to work to help with not eating junk. I brought 2 plums, a Fiber One bar, a Chobani yogurt, and my left over dinner.

I ended up eating the bar fairly early on. And then a plum. I ended up eating some of the family dinner cause it was fried chicken and mmm. I had 3 little wings and 1 drumstick. (8 points)

I saved my leftover dinner for today.

I dug into my yogurt towards the end of the night. I got a passion fruit flavor to try because I LOVE passion fruit and I really love it creamy. I wanted to love it, but they left the seeds in and that just grosses me out. So I only ate half and probably won’t eat the other half. Sad face. But on the plus side I’ll try Chobani again. I hadnt liked Greek yogurt when I’ve tried it, but this wasn’t too bad yogurt wise.


I shoved a few dinner rolls in me last night too though (5 points). I don’t always have time to have a proper snack (like yogurt) so popping bread or stray French fries in my mouth is just SO easy. But something I really need to work on. I need to find a satisfying snack that’s easy to eat like that. I’ve tried carrot sticks, but not satisfying. I’m usually craving something salty and that ain’t it. I’ll find something.

I was also extremely stressed out. I had a lot to make for my dinner service that night and it was annoying my coworker didn’t give me a heads up. Some of that bread was stress bread. Even the fiber one bar was. I didn’t calm down until like 9pm! When I was finally caught up! Ugh.

When I got home, I ended up having one of my Magnum minis. I had just 4 points left. Use’m or lose’m. Those are a perfect size. And it’s my favorite ice cream bar ever so it’s entirely satisfying. 4 points will have more weight once I get smaller, but it fits perfectly in my food budget right now.

One thing I haven’t mentioned- when I’m drinking water usually, I mostly just drink tap, but I often splash a little cranberry juice in it, just for some flavor. I haven’t been counting points for it because it’s usually just a tablespoon or 2 at a time, but I’ve noticed if I drink a lot of water in a day, I probably have 4-6 oz of juice which is definitely 2-3 points I think. Well if anything, it’s deducted from my weekly allowance. Which I never use all of. And sometimes barely any.

Yesterday was weigh in day. I can’t get to a meeting until Friday, so I used my home scale and it was just a .6 loss. And I definitely ate more this week, though completely within my points. I actually used a fair amount of my weekly allowance. Almost half! But .6 is still a loss. And maybe it’ll show more on the WW scale Friday? And it’s nice to know I can indulge in a milkshake and still lose weight.

Winning with Weight Watchers.


Tuesday Log

Published June 26, 2012 by Becca

Sometimes my days off go too quickly. This week, they did. And now I have 5 days in a row of work hell. Blah.

Today was a little better eating wise. I started off with some raisin bran for breakfast (8 points) and then went for a run. I had 3 on the books, but only ran 2 miles and walked another half home.  It was totally mental. (8 activity points)  I did choose a hilly path for the last mile which psyched me out.  On the other hand, it would be nice to have some sort of differential between long runs and regular runs, so I may just keep my “weekday” runs to 30 mins or so for the next week or 2, just until I start doing hour+ long runs.

I ate the other half of my cantaloupe for a post run snack.  Mmmm.  I’m not sure why I didn’t buy more today at the store.  Kinda kicking myself right now.

But I did get some ingredients for a yummy dinner.  I stocked up on pasta cause it turned out I was basically out- they were only $1 a box!  Love that.  So tonight I made some bowtie pasta with broccoli, onion, garlic, tomato, and chicken in a yummy cream sauce.  (Restaurant secret- use the pasta water to bulk up your sauces.  The starch in the water helps from watering it down too much).  I used some light cream and 2%milk, added some parmesan cheese and an Italian cheese blend.  OMG it was sooooo delicious!!  I made a bunch so I could eat more tomorrow, so I kinda guessed on the portion sizes of the sauce.  It came to 21 points with my guessing, but I don’t think I had that much sauce.  But I went overboard with the pasta.  I over compensated cause last time it was so little.  I was also really hungry.  I’ll go easier on the pasta tomorrow.


OMG amazing chicken, broccoli, pasta. (21 points?)

I was really, really craving something sweet today. I wanted brownies but was resisting getting a box. I was looking for the Fiber One brownies to try, but couldn’t find them. I did find some of their chewy granola bars and ended up getting Chocolate Caramel Pretzel. Oh my stars it was delicious!!! And for only 2 points! I’m going to have to find some coupons and sales and stock up on these. I just have to be really good with only having 1. Even when stuff is individually packaged, I have a hard time stopping at 1. I’m gonna try the trick of putting it somewhere inconvenient.


Super delicious Fiber 1 bar (2 points)

I’m also really excited because Magnum, my most favorite ice cream bar EVER, just started making minis, and I did see those at the store so I picked up a box.  They’re only 4 points each so that’ll be a really nice dessert to have around.  I may have one tonight since I still have 7 points left today.  Mmmm

I will leave you with this nice picture of me and my kitty cat (since I didn’t take a running pic).


Me and my fluffy bunny, Abby

Monday Log

Published June 25, 2012 by Becca

Today was not a great eating day. :-/ And I don’t mean in the overeating way.

I started the day with some “yoga.” It was lots of back stretching and a couple yoga poses. OMG you guys- it really did help my back! I found it on OnDemand. It was perfect. I’ll keep using that to help stretch my back. And it was only like 20 minutes. I gave myself an activity point for it, just cause it was something I needed to do. Though- downward dog is no joke. That’s a really hard pose!  My whole body is so tight- I kinda want to get into yoga now and work on my flexibility (though it’ll be easier once my big belly doesn’t get so in the way!).

I was going to take a walk, but the weather was insane today. A huge storm woke me up at 8:30 for a bit, and when I got up later it was sunny. When I went to walk at 2, it was raining again. So I ate a plum and did laundry. The rain kept coming back, so the walk never happened. Eh. It happens. I don’t really love walking anyways. Lol. Maybe.

I got hungry since I only had a plum and made myself 3 eggs with cheese and salsa. The salsa was a fail. I didn’t eat everything. (6 points)


Salsa fail

Today was an aimless day. I had all good intentions to go to the grocery store to get some produce for the next few days. But I was feeling really cranky, low, and lonely and just wanted cake so I avoided the store and eating until I could figure out something. I didn’t really have anything in the house so I just made some pasta and red sauce. Which wasn’t so filling since I was trying to be care of portion control. (5 points)


Puney pasta


I finished the night with a bowl of raisin bran.  (9 points)


Here’s to making tomorrow a better day.  I have a workout with a friend planned and a run on the books- 3 miles.

Weekend Log

Published June 24, 2012 by Becca

I’m a little light on pictures for this weekend. I don’t always remember to take pictures, especially at work.

But I was successful with my tracking this week! 7 days! And I’ll keep going. It really makes me stop and think about HOW MUCH I’m eating. I’m measuring food and it’s really helping me from eating until being stuffed.

Saturday I treated myself to an Everything Bagel with some cream cheese before work. I had the girl go easy on the cream cheese so it was only about 2 TBS and I only ate the top half. Though it was more like the top 2/3 they way they cut it. (9 points)

I ended up eating “breakfast” which I treated as lunch at work. One of the chefs made a quiche for us and I gave myself a small piece at first, but it was so amazing I had the other half of that piece. OMG. So good. (A total guess of 11 points)

I also splurged on some Sprite. I was hot and sleepy and watching everyone else drinking soda and I caved. And it was delicious. Oh well. (8 points)

And to finish the day, which I planned for by deciding to use some of my weekly stash- I had a cookies and cream milkshake. And it was exactly what I had been wanting for a few days now. (Well, they put a tad too much milk in it for me- I like it thicker…) It was perfect. And worth it. All 25 points of it.


Mmmmmmm (25 mother fucking points!!!!)

I had a dinner planned, but I ended up going to bed early to work a double today.

I woke up early to run and it was so beautiful.  A little warm in the sun, but otherwise perfect.  I had a peach before my run to help fuel.  My run consisted of 2 cycles of 6min Run/1min Walk/4min Run/1min Walk/6min Run with a warm up and cool down for 3(+) miles. (6 activity points) I had some thirst quenching chocolate milk post-run. (5 points)

Today’s work breakfast was eggs, home fried potatoes, and bacon.  I had a scoop of eggs I estimated to be about 2 eggs.  3 pieces of potato and 1 strip of bacon.


Eggs, potatoes, bacon (7 points)

I kept eating though. I had skipped it yesterday, but the cheddar chive scone my coworker had made was calling to me. And it was incredibly good. I was going to call it my lunch, but I was hungry again at 3 and I had like 2/3 of a burnt grilled cheese sandwich we have. The best grilled cheese ever. With ham and tomatoes and on super crusty yummy bread. LOVE this sandwich. (6 points)


Mmmm cheddar chive scone!! (7 points)

I brought in half my cantaloupe because I was prepared for needing to snacks since I was working a double- and I even brought a chicken breast in case dinner sucked! I ate a bunch of melon after the toastie, and right before dinner was served- which did not suck.


1/2 cantaloupe (0!!)

Dinner was a mishmosh of BLTs and French toast. I’ve never had a BLT before because I didn’t really like raw tomato on sandwiches, so I just took half and then half a piece of french toast and some salad. Well oh my stars BLTS are amazing!!!! And the tomato really makes it!!! I’m an official BLT convert. I lost out on the other half of the sandwich 😦 And I was full anyways. I may need to have another BLT one day soon. I’ll see how I can make it WW friendly (preferably without it being turkey bacon). (12 points)

I’ll finish off with a pic from today’s run- I ran the 1st half through the park to help avoid the sun (I ran back along the water and I was dying in the sun, and it was only 8am!)


Friday Daily Log

Published June 22, 2012 by Becca

So I ended up with the day off today. 😦 I can’t afford extra days off so this is very much a bad thing. So I sent out some resumes. Summer isn’t a big hire season so I may have to wait until August/September to see more openings and find something with more hours.

Anywho. Food was fine today. I started with a small glass of chocolate milk (4 points). Then I ate the same thing as yesterday for a late lunch. Only came to 10 points cause there was 1 less scallop. I did a better job with the sauce (taste wise) so that was nice. I ended up not really eating the tomatoes. They were just too sweet and weren’t great in the dish. Oh well. Live and learn.

In between the rain and storms I managed to fit in a run. It was 3.1 on the books today and I did great. I treated it as a long run, so on the slower side. I finished it in 42 minutes. Which wow. That’s slow. Considering I used to do 27:30s no problem. I got progressively slower too :-/. I started out 12:12/min mile and went all the way up to 14 min mile by the last mile. I didn’t feel super slow so it’s ok. And it’s only week 1! Jeeze!! But on the plus side I ran most of it! I only took short walk breaks at each mile mark for about .1 mile. Fantastic!! (6 activity points- I counted my running as only moderate intensity)

I had a recovery glass of chocolate milk! (4 points) I think I’m drinking it lately cause I’m kinda craving ice cream but I’m waiting until I can really enjoy it and get something I’m really wanting. Maybe a milk shake.

I still had a bunch of points left so I decided to have just a bowl of cracklin oat bran. Oh man that cereal has so many points. One serving is 8 points! Which is tiny! I had 100g (an overflowing cup?) and 5 oz. of milk (13 points!). I’m not buying that cereal again after I finish it. Even if I love it. Or just not often. Though that would taste amazing on fruit and yogurt. Um anyways.

I’ll finish with my daily running pic.


I love running at sunset!


Thursday Daily Log

Published June 22, 2012 by Becca

Today is a short log day.  I ended up not eating too much.  It’s been super hot in NYC the past 2 days and I guess I wasn’t as hungry.  I ate a peach and some cheese for “lunch” (3 points.)  Then some more cheese for a snack (I love cheese, and monterey jack specifically).  Then I made this amazing dinner I was supposed to have Tuesday.  It came to about 11 points.  I didn’t do such a great job with searing my scallops, but OMG they tasted amazing!!!  I really think scallops may be my favorite seafood ever.  EVER.  That is such a profound statement for me to make because I LOVE SEAFOOD.  Hell, if it weren’t for the cost, and mercury levels, I could eat some form of seafood every day.  Preferably scallops.  And maybe a lobster roll here and there.  And a crab cake.  And a lovely grilled branzino or dourade.  And always salmon.  Ummm, anyways.  On with what else I ate…


Fresh pasta with scallops, asparagus, cherry tomatoes in white wine and garlic, and parmesan cheese. (11 points)

Doesn’t that look lovely and colorful?  I ate half of it so excitedly before I remembered to take a picture.  I have 3 scallops left and I’m so excited to eat them again tomorrow.  (Not those 3 scallops.  I ate those, duh.)  I have all the ingredients left over, so I may just make the same thing again.

I continued with more cheese.  I don’t have snacks in the house but I was feeling so snackish!  I also had 20 freaking points left and was starting to feel it.  I had 12 points worth of cheese today.  I finished it too, so won’t be repeating that!

I finished the day with chocolate milk (2%). (7 points!)

I almost went out for ice cream, but I was feeling kinda sad and weepy about missing my ex, so I didn’t want to self soothe with food.  So  yay for me on that front.  I’ll save my ice cream for a fun reason.