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Published October 6, 2012 by Becca

Tomorrow is my half marathon!! I’m eating my pasta for dinner. About to pack up all my stuff and lay out my clothes and head to bed for the early wake up. I can’t believe it’s here! It’s supposed to rain, and while it’s not optimal, I just pray for none to minimal blisters.

Half marathon baby!!!


1 week

Published October 1, 2012 by Becca

Today marks 1 week until my first half marathon. 13.1 miles!! I’m getting nervous. Mostly because I know my training was subpar and I slacked off the past week. Who slacks off 2 weeks before their race?!

I have no idea if there will be consequences for this. I haven’t run in over a week.

I guess the bad news at work took the wind out of my sails. (I didn’t get the promotion I wanted to head pastry chef. Instead, they brought back the old pastry chef that left when I started. Cause he needed a job. So messed up.) That and things with my ex clogging my head.


I know. I was supposed to be moving on from that. But it’s just so hard to just walk away cleanly. We took like a 6 week break and things started up again, and they’ve been mostly good. Our attitudes are different. We’ve been making changes. But he’s still not committing to anything. So I’m still in limbo.

And twice I let texting him ruin my runs last week. Including my long run. I can’t wait until I get my Garmin and I can just leave my phone at home.

That’s my good news at least. My parents are so proud of me for my running and doing the race, they generously offered to get me a GPS watch. I picked out Garmin’s new 10 watch. It’s super basic- how far and how fast. That’s all I really need. And it has an interval timer too which I also wanted. And I got it in pink. It’s perfect! It’s exactly what I need. I think it’s a perfect first watch. And if in a few years I feel like I need something more advanced, well, then that’s still possible. It’s gonna be a few weeks until I get it though because its back ordered. But no rush.

It’ll be nice to use at my running class. I signed up for this class through NYRR that’s only $100 for 10 classes which is a steal in NYC. Lol. It’s to work on my speed. Because that’s my focus for once the race is over. I’d like to do the Brooklyn half next year in the Spring, but I’m not planning on doing anything over a 10k until then. So I’m gonna focus on running for fun and speed only and losing weight to help that.

Speaking of weight, according to my home scale, I’m down to 224.8 today. Which I’m happy I see. I’ve been holding steady in the 225-229 range all summer, so this week I set a goal to see 224 on at least my home scale. (I was 227 this Friday at WW but it was my first week wearing jeans and they were also wet from the rain, so I have high hopes for the next weigh in now that I’ve set the “jean” standard. )

Hopefully this is the week I make my 10%! 24 pounds is my 10%. And then hopefully next week I can celebrate my 25 pound mark! How exciting would that be??

We started an 8 weeks until Thanksgiving challenge. I’m scared to make a weight goal because I don’t want to be disappointed. So I’m thinking of habits I can implement instead that will automatically help with the weight loss.

I’m thinking of having a goal of tracking for 8 weeks solid. It’s already my goal to track every day this week (as that’s the focus for week 1 anyways). And I lose when I track. So yeah.

I’d like to think of a new fitness goal too. Now that I don’t have to worry about 2 hours runs and sticking to a training schedule, I think it’ll be easier mentally for me to lace up 3 times a week. And I can do whatever I want now. 20 minutes or 5 miles. Fast or slow. I’m looking forward to that. And maybe a speed goal? I’ll have to set a bench mark to see where I need to grow from. I know I’m about a 14-14:30 min/mile. I can go faster, but its hard to sustain. So maybe start with running a mile at medium hard intensity. Which should be about 13 min for that mile. I ran the first 5 miles of my 10 mile race at 13 min miles. So it’s possible.

So 8 weeks- tracking, running 3 times a week, and cross training once a week. Whether its yoga or a work out DVD.

I hope with these changes I can see about an 8 pound loss. But as long as I lose anything, and not gain, I’ll consider it a win.

Ahh 1 week!! I kinda can’t wait. Even though its gonna be hard. Races are fun. And I bring my A game at least. And I got to practice my routine at the 10 mile race the other week. I’ll take some melatonin around 9pm, eat my breakfast around 6am (Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on a roll). Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I’m thinking of leaving the water bottle behind because I had no issue getting beverages at the race. And just wearing something for my energy. Unfortunately those cliff blocks take up a lot of space. And I want my phone for GPS and music. Mom and Larry are gonna make it there at some point. I told them they don’t need to be there at the start. I’ll be running for 3 hours so they have time. Omg 3 hours. Phew. I hope I don’t walk the last 3 miles. Or get picked up and driven to the finish line. That’s my only time goal.

Tacos, Margaritas, and Midnight Runs

Published July 3, 2012 by Becca

I had lunch with my ex yesterday at a Cali-style taco joint we had been wanting to try since before we broke up. The taco joint delivered. I had an amazing mango margarita (for nerves), a classic fried cod taco, and a delicious veggie taco. I almost like the veggie one more, but that’s slightly because the sauce on the fish taco was a touch to spicy for me. I’m already wanting to go back. I totally missed the Baja Street Corn! Grilled corn with chili, cotija, and lime- mmmmmmmmmm.

The lunch went… Ok. It was awkward. We haven’t seen each other since March (though we’ve usually been texting), and things have been tense and heated. We kept it fairly light just talking about work and things like that. It got bumpy at the end when we were talking about if we want to do this again. I told him I’m still very much in love with him and I want to try again if he does. It’s a tough decision. We both hurt each other a lot. And I don’t know if we can work, but I’m willing to try again for a bit. He’s still trying to decide. We shall see.

Having a nice lunch set me up to not snack as much at work. I had a couple pieces of weird fried chicken, a couple dinner rolls, some iced tea. Not too bad really.

I got home before midnight last night so I figured that was a sign I should go running. I went on the path by the water which even at midnight was still well populated. There were people running, biking, walking, sitting on the benches. I love NYC.

I pushed myself much harder last night. I’ve been watching these guys on the Biggest Loser basically killing themselves and I thought it was dumb I wasn’t working harder. And it’s funny, as much as I kicked it up a notch, I’m still not sure I killed myself. Which is ok I guess. Nice to know my fitness is improving and I still have more in me.

I ended up doing intervals- I went to the 1st day of the 2nd week of C25k and ran fast the run segments (about 10:15/min mile) and jogged the walk segments (about 13:30 min mile). And I did it twice. For a total of 3.75 miles that includes the warm up and cool down walk (I need to figure out the distance from my apartment to the running path. Its probably about .2 miles one way).

I’m planning on killing it on the treadmill runs this week since running on a treadmill is easier.

And ending my post with some pics from last night:



Tuesday Log

Published June 26, 2012 by Becca

Sometimes my days off go too quickly. This week, they did. And now I have 5 days in a row of work hell. Blah.

Today was a little better eating wise. I started off with some raisin bran for breakfast (8 points) and then went for a run. I had 3 on the books, but only ran 2 miles and walked another half home.  It was totally mental. (8 activity points)  I did choose a hilly path for the last mile which psyched me out.  On the other hand, it would be nice to have some sort of differential between long runs and regular runs, so I may just keep my “weekday” runs to 30 mins or so for the next week or 2, just until I start doing hour+ long runs.

I ate the other half of my cantaloupe for a post run snack.  Mmmm.  I’m not sure why I didn’t buy more today at the store.  Kinda kicking myself right now.

But I did get some ingredients for a yummy dinner.  I stocked up on pasta cause it turned out I was basically out- they were only $1 a box!  Love that.  So tonight I made some bowtie pasta with broccoli, onion, garlic, tomato, and chicken in a yummy cream sauce.  (Restaurant secret- use the pasta water to bulk up your sauces.  The starch in the water helps from watering it down too much).  I used some light cream and 2%milk, added some parmesan cheese and an Italian cheese blend.  OMG it was sooooo delicious!!  I made a bunch so I could eat more tomorrow, so I kinda guessed on the portion sizes of the sauce.  It came to 21 points with my guessing, but I don’t think I had that much sauce.  But I went overboard with the pasta.  I over compensated cause last time it was so little.  I was also really hungry.  I’ll go easier on the pasta tomorrow.


OMG amazing chicken, broccoli, pasta. (21 points?)

I was really, really craving something sweet today. I wanted brownies but was resisting getting a box. I was looking for the Fiber One brownies to try, but couldn’t find them. I did find some of their chewy granola bars and ended up getting Chocolate Caramel Pretzel. Oh my stars it was delicious!!! And for only 2 points! I’m going to have to find some coupons and sales and stock up on these. I just have to be really good with only having 1. Even when stuff is individually packaged, I have a hard time stopping at 1. I’m gonna try the trick of putting it somewhere inconvenient.


Super delicious Fiber 1 bar (2 points)

I’m also really excited because Magnum, my most favorite ice cream bar EVER, just started making minis, and I did see those at the store so I picked up a box.  They’re only 4 points each so that’ll be a really nice dessert to have around.  I may have one tonight since I still have 7 points left today.  Mmmm

I will leave you with this nice picture of me and my kitty cat (since I didn’t take a running pic).


Me and my fluffy bunny, Abby

Weekend Log

Published June 24, 2012 by Becca

I’m a little light on pictures for this weekend. I don’t always remember to take pictures, especially at work.

But I was successful with my tracking this week! 7 days! And I’ll keep going. It really makes me stop and think about HOW MUCH I’m eating. I’m measuring food and it’s really helping me from eating until being stuffed.

Saturday I treated myself to an Everything Bagel with some cream cheese before work. I had the girl go easy on the cream cheese so it was only about 2 TBS and I only ate the top half. Though it was more like the top 2/3 they way they cut it. (9 points)

I ended up eating “breakfast” which I treated as lunch at work. One of the chefs made a quiche for us and I gave myself a small piece at first, but it was so amazing I had the other half of that piece. OMG. So good. (A total guess of 11 points)

I also splurged on some Sprite. I was hot and sleepy and watching everyone else drinking soda and I caved. And it was delicious. Oh well. (8 points)

And to finish the day, which I planned for by deciding to use some of my weekly stash- I had a cookies and cream milkshake. And it was exactly what I had been wanting for a few days now. (Well, they put a tad too much milk in it for me- I like it thicker…) It was perfect. And worth it. All 25 points of it.


Mmmmmmm (25 mother fucking points!!!!)

I had a dinner planned, but I ended up going to bed early to work a double today.

I woke up early to run and it was so beautiful.  A little warm in the sun, but otherwise perfect.  I had a peach before my run to help fuel.  My run consisted of 2 cycles of 6min Run/1min Walk/4min Run/1min Walk/6min Run with a warm up and cool down for 3(+) miles. (6 activity points) I had some thirst quenching chocolate milk post-run. (5 points)

Today’s work breakfast was eggs, home fried potatoes, and bacon.  I had a scoop of eggs I estimated to be about 2 eggs.  3 pieces of potato and 1 strip of bacon.


Eggs, potatoes, bacon (7 points)

I kept eating though. I had skipped it yesterday, but the cheddar chive scone my coworker had made was calling to me. And it was incredibly good. I was going to call it my lunch, but I was hungry again at 3 and I had like 2/3 of a burnt grilled cheese sandwich we have. The best grilled cheese ever. With ham and tomatoes and on super crusty yummy bread. LOVE this sandwich. (6 points)


Mmmm cheddar chive scone!! (7 points)

I brought in half my cantaloupe because I was prepared for needing to snacks since I was working a double- and I even brought a chicken breast in case dinner sucked! I ate a bunch of melon after the toastie, and right before dinner was served- which did not suck.


1/2 cantaloupe (0!!)

Dinner was a mishmosh of BLTs and French toast. I’ve never had a BLT before because I didn’t really like raw tomato on sandwiches, so I just took half and then half a piece of french toast and some salad. Well oh my stars BLTS are amazing!!!! And the tomato really makes it!!! I’m an official BLT convert. I lost out on the other half of the sandwich 😦 And I was full anyways. I may need to have another BLT one day soon. I’ll see how I can make it WW friendly (preferably without it being turkey bacon). (12 points)

I’ll finish off with a pic from today’s run- I ran the 1st half through the park to help avoid the sun (I ran back along the water and I was dying in the sun, and it was only 8am!)


Friday Daily Log

Published June 22, 2012 by Becca

So I ended up with the day off today. 😦 I can’t afford extra days off so this is very much a bad thing. So I sent out some resumes. Summer isn’t a big hire season so I may have to wait until August/September to see more openings and find something with more hours.

Anywho. Food was fine today. I started with a small glass of chocolate milk (4 points). Then I ate the same thing as yesterday for a late lunch. Only came to 10 points cause there was 1 less scallop. I did a better job with the sauce (taste wise) so that was nice. I ended up not really eating the tomatoes. They were just too sweet and weren’t great in the dish. Oh well. Live and learn.

In between the rain and storms I managed to fit in a run. It was 3.1 on the books today and I did great. I treated it as a long run, so on the slower side. I finished it in 42 minutes. Which wow. That’s slow. Considering I used to do 27:30s no problem. I got progressively slower too :-/. I started out 12:12/min mile and went all the way up to 14 min mile by the last mile. I didn’t feel super slow so it’s ok. And it’s only week 1! Jeeze!! But on the plus side I ran most of it! I only took short walk breaks at each mile mark for about .1 mile. Fantastic!! (6 activity points- I counted my running as only moderate intensity)

I had a recovery glass of chocolate milk! (4 points) I think I’m drinking it lately cause I’m kinda craving ice cream but I’m waiting until I can really enjoy it and get something I’m really wanting. Maybe a milk shake.

I still had a bunch of points left so I decided to have just a bowl of cracklin oat bran. Oh man that cereal has so many points. One serving is 8 points! Which is tiny! I had 100g (an overflowing cup?) and 5 oz. of milk (13 points!). I’m not buying that cereal again after I finish it. Even if I love it. Or just not often. Though that would taste amazing on fruit and yogurt. Um anyways.

I’ll finish with my daily running pic.


I love running at sunset!


Half Mary Training

Published June 22, 2012 by Becca

So I’ve decided on this half marathon training plan. It kind of caters to busy people so it’s only 3 days a week of running which is perfect for me with my weird work schedule. I think that if I can run a 4th day, I’ll do speed work. I’m pretty sure there’s a track in my neighborhood.  This plan is great- they made a handy Excel document where I just put in the date of the race and it calculates each week of training.  And I can just easily move each day based on my work schedule.  My long runs will have to be on my days off, not weekends, for instance.  And according to the schedule, I started this week!  Apparently I can’t count weeks on calenders myself because I thought it would start next week, haha. It’s ok.  I did one run, I’ll do a long run tomorrow (it’ll be cooler!), and another run this weekend.

I’m not too concerned with my weight loss efforts during this.  The weekly runs are no more than 5 miles, and that’s towards the end, and that really doesn’t require a lot of extra fueling.  On my long run days once I’m over 5 miles, I may eat a little bit extra the night before/day of to help keep my energy up.  Probably no more than the activity points that I’ll burn on that run.  It’ll be some trial and error as my mileage increases.

Speaking of weight loss- I weighed in this week at 231!  Down 2.4 pounds!  I’d like to credit that to doubling up on my runs.  And resuming tracking. (4 days in a row!)  I’m so stoked.  I think by race day, I could be sub-200. OMG.  Sub-200.  That felt so far away 17.6 pounds ago.  It’s amazing what 17 measly pounds can do!

I can’t believe how good and easy this has been feeling.  I think it’s because I’ve always known what it is I should do.  I just didn’t care enough.  And now I care.  I hate to say it, but I really think being single is what pushed me to do this.  Not just because I’m back dating and I want to have my pick of guys, instead of just being able to choose from guys who are attracted to big girls.  But also because I’m enjoying doing something nice for myself.  I’m running- which I LOVE.  I’m trying to eat good, healthy food.  The kind I enjoy.  I’m just cooking for myself so I can afford scallops.  I can afford to make exactly what I want to eat.

My ex was NOT the pinacle of health.  He smoke a pack and a half a day, ate fast food most days, and zero exercise.  He was supportive of me whenever I would try to get healthy, but he wasn’t interested in living a healthy lifestyle with me, and it would just never work.  It felt like I was swimming upstream.  No wonder nothing every stuck when I was with him.  The next guy I commit to has to be interested in being healthy. He doesn’t have to run marathons.  Or even run.  But he has to want to be physically active.  He has to want to eat vegetables voluntarily.  And I’m not negotiating on the smoking thing again.  That is a deal-breaker.  I cannot live with another smoker ever again.  It was torture, honestly.

But anyways… I’m really excited about how this is going and taking on half marathon training.  I feel really devoted and committed to this like no other time before.

This week at Weight Watchers was “Eat What You Love.”  I LOVE this philosophy.  I live by it.  I always have.  It was what I said to myself when I started Weight Watchers. Because it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.  There are compromises I won’t make.  Based on what I like, and what I know as a chef.  I will NEVER drink skim milk.  Ever.  Ever. Ever.  I had that forced on me as a kid and always hated it.  And based on various reading’s I’ve done (Michael Pollan for example), dairy fat is GOOD for you.  So good for you.  And fat-free dairy is somewhat unnatural (I’ll find quotes to back this up another day).  It’s also gross.  I got fat-free sour cream the other day to “be good” and was shocked at how disgusting it was.  Never again.  On the other hand, I find fat free yogurt to be quite tasty, so I do eat that- because it’s not a compromise!

Tomorrow is long run day since I ended up being off from work, and the temperature is going back down a little to 80.  I may also pop in to another WW meeting to see my favorite leader.  I liked today’s leader too though.  I want to sample them all, haha.